7th Mediterranean Conference on Nano-Photonics

MediNano – 7


3rd of March, 2015, Tel-Aviv, Israel

  Nano-photonics is one of the most appealing fields having large variety of academic as well industrial applications. MediNano is an international gathering inviting participants from research institutes and industries in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea to present their most recent results as well as review of concepts in various topics related to nano-photonics.   Following the successful gathering of MediNano-1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 which were organized in Istanbul (Turkey) in 2008, Athens (Greece) in 2009, in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2010, Rome (Italy) in 2011, Barcelona (Spain) in 2012 and Lyon (France) in 2013, the meeting of Medinano-7 will be held in Tel-Aviv, Israel in conjunction with OASIS which is the largest Israeli electro-optics conference. OASIS will be held during March 3-4 and the participants of MediNano will be able also to participate in OASIS.   The previous meetings had more than 100 participants on average from more than 25 countries (mostly but not only Mediterranean) presented the highlights of their recent achievements in the field of nano-photonics.   We would like to invite you to take part in the MediNano-7 meeting in David InterContinental hotel in Tel-Aviv and to participate in OASIS. The plenary speaker of OASIS will be Prof. Serge Haroche, Prof. Naomi Halas, Prof. Moti Segev and Prof. Alan Wilner.   Original abstracts are solicited in research areas related to nano-photonics, including but not limited to the following:

  • Metamaterials
  • Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • Sensing and Imaging
  • Computational nano photonics
  • Non linear nano optics
  • Nano and micro manipulations
  • Nano/ micro photonic devices
  • Silicon photonics and plasmonics

  Organizing technical committee:

  • Zeev Zalevsky, Israel
  • Ekmel Ozbay, Turkey
  • Alper Kiraz, Turkey
  • Georgios Kakarantzas, Greece
  • Pietro Ferraro, Italy
  • Javier de Abajo, Spain
  • Romain  Quidant, Spain
  • Zoran Jaksic, Serbia
  • Philippe Lalanne, France
  • Taha Benyattou, France

  Oral presentations and a poster session will be organized. The language of the conference is English.   If you intend to attend the conference, please send abstracts of up to one A4 page length by e-mail:   Deadline for abstract submission: 20 December 2014.   A book of abstracts will be available at the conference.   Conference registration fee and the information regarding the plenary and the invited speakers of the other sessions of OASIS are available at OASIS web site: